Concealing insomnia

Under-eye concealers don’t work. How do I know? Because, mug that I am, I feel like I’ve tried every bloody single one of them and I still look like I need to rent a permanent space in the ‘excess baggage’ queue. Continue reading


Why I won’t convert to clean sleeping

Nicole Mowbray’s article on ‘clean’ sleeping in last weekend’s Guardian magazine is worth a read by anyone of the insomniac variety. Not least for me, because it served as a reminder to keeping my sleep obsession in check. I say “sleep obsession”, but comparing myself with some of the individuals she interviewed, I feel like I’m doing ok.

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The land of pod

I’d never taken the time to get into podcasts before this year, but since moving our little boy into what used to be my insomnia escape den (the old spare room, now his bedroom), I am increasingly relying on them to fill the wakeful void without disturbing my partner by switching the light on to read. Well, I generally don’t allow my podcast listening to disturb him, except perhaps for the time I let out a loud guffaw while listening the ‘Mr Happy’ Confession – see below. I also find them a great way to distract my whirling brain for enough time to make it possible to drop off during stressful times. I’ve found BBC online to be a great starting place for my voyage of podcast discovery, so here are my top ten BBC podcasts. Or rather, top nine and one that I’d advise you not to bother with… Continue reading

No space for Headspace

I haven’t posted for a while. I was waiting for a transformation to happen. I planned to go away, try a bit of meditation and come back a couple of weeks later to tell you that yes, it really can change your life. Alas, my life remains unchanged. My insomnia hasn’t gone anywhere. Over the last three months or so I’ve failed magnificently to fit meditation into my life. Continue reading

The Truth About Sleep

You know the drill. You glance at the TV schedule and spot a documentary about sleep. Hoping that this will be the one that finally contains that revelation to put an end to your insomnia, you settle down to watch. An hour later you wondered why the hell you bothered – it was just more of the same obvious stuff you’ve heard – and tried – countless times before. Would ‘The Truth About Sleep’ be worth investing an hour of my time in? Continue reading

Who needs eight hours anyway?

Like many people I tend to be fixated on the idea of getting eight hours’ sleep. The fact that I have probably only achieved this a handful of times in my adult life doesn’t seem to deter me. I still move dutifully towards bed by 10pm most nights, hopeful that this will be the night that I’ll achieve the magic eight.  Recognising that this repetitive, yet fruitless behaviour would be classed as madness by certain scientific geniuses, I’m going to test another theory: aiming for less sleep. Continue reading