How sleep science helped me

I’m eager to share this before it disappears from the iPlayer. Here is a lecture from Professor Russell Foster CBE on the importance of sleep. It was the opening lecture in the BBC Radio 3’s Free Thinking series, which sounds like the kind of improving thing I should be listening to more. Continue reading


Imagine you can’t imagine

Many of the relaxation aids I’ve tried (including Glenn Harrold’s hypnotherapy track featured in my last post) require some kind of visualisation. You know: “Picture some clouds in the sky”, “picture a deserted beach”, “picture a box, full of your troubles”, that kind of thing. My problem is, I just can’t. Continue reading

Desert island dozing

I woke up at 1.52 this morning (I don’t know about you, but I always remember the exact time). I should have listened to what The Sleep Council said about eating curry (see previous post). There are things I can imagine being able to give up. The odd takeaway curry when neither of us can be arsed to cook isn’t one of them.

I’ve listened to Desert Island Discs before to help me drift off and it’s worked, so I thought I’d give it another go.

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The Sleep Council

It’s good to see that an organisation dedicated to helping the nation get a good night’s sleep has chosen such a boring name – nothing too exciting to stop us dropping off, eh? I’m sure I’ve heard of them before, but I’d never actually checked them out until today – see Although they are “the consumer education arm of the National Bed Federation, the trade association for British bed manufacturers” there’s not too much of a hard sell on buying yourself an expensive new bed. Continue reading

Reasons to be grateful

When I thought about writing this blog I knew that I wanted it to be a positive thing. Not just somewhere I could offload how awful it is to be a member of the Wide Awake Club (no not THAT one, children of the 80s). Instead of wallowing in droopy-eyed gloom, I thought it’d be worth coming up with my own little gratitude list. My way of saying “actually insomnia, I owe you one”. Here are just five of my own reasons to be grateful in times of sleeplessness. Continue reading

It’ll take me a year to read this

I always have two books on the go. Usually fiction at bedtime, so my brain doesn’t get in too much of a tizz. I leave the stuff I really need to concentrate on for my commute, in the (usually vain) hope that I won’t end up sitting next to someone intent on destroying my reading time with their inane phone conversation, loud sniffing habit, or compulsion to TALK LOUDLY to the person sat next to them. Some people still don’t know the rules.
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