How sleep science helped me

I’m eager to share this before it disappears from the iPlayer. Here is a lecture from Professor Russell Foster CBE on the importance of sleep. It was the opening lecture in the BBC Radio 3’s Free Thinking series, which sounds like the kind of improving thing I should be listening to more.

My heart sank a bit when I read the blurb: “Are you taking sleep seriously enough?” and “Take control of your sleep”. As an insomniac it’s always a bit of a kick in the teeth to hear yet another very clever person tell me to take sleep seriously because my health will suffer if I don’t. I take sleep very seriously, thanks very much. It just that it isn’t very forthcoming.

I thought I’d give the lecture a listen though. “Would be a good thing to blog about”, I thought, intending to share with you my carefully considered thoughts and reactions to the Professor’s musings. But instead you get just this meagre introduction, because I listened to the lecture in bed and, well, it sent me to sleep!

BB boxset

Just say NO!

So whether or not Professor Foster’s valuable research goes on to revolutionise our attitudes to sleep; whether it makes us all turn our phones off after 9pm, abstain from drinking wine in the evening and say a firm ‘NO’ to another boxset episode, he can rest safe in the knowledge that this particular hour-long contribution to science has definitely helped one confirmed insomniac. I’m much obliged to you Prof!

If anyone does listen to the whole thing, I would love to read your thoughts and reactions below…

Thanks for reading.


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