A friend like Glenn

I’ve had an on/off relationship with Glenn Harrold for years. I’ll admit I’ve not treated him that well. Glenn’s always been there for me through the dark, lonely times and I’ve used him. Then, when things have been better I’ve cast him off, forgetting about him until the next time I needed to hear his voice. I’m sorry Glenn. I hope you can forgive me.

I can’t quite place his accent, but wherever he hails from, Glenn’s hypnotic spiel works. I find that his sleep hypnotherapy track is more successful at putting me to sleep on the nights I can’t drop off, rather than the times I wake up in the night. I’ll listen to him for several nights in a row to help me shift back to a “I can fall asleep” mindset.

I was a bit skeptical about hypnotherapy before I first listened. If you’re going to give it a try you have to allow yourself to believe it’s going to work. If your only experience of hypnotism is watching stage hypnotists making people do silly things on stage then you needn’t fear – Glenn’s only aim is to get you to sleep and to help you think of yourself as a good sleeper. You won’t walk into work the next day and start barking like a dog.

Sometimes I’ll get most of the way through the track before dropping off, but others I’ll only get a few minutes in before it does the trick. I figure that means I probably haven’t been hypnotised, but listening to the start of the track has sent the right signals to my overactive brain: “Stand down – it’s ok to go to sleep now!”

According to the NHS there’s a lack of evidence to support the effectiveness of hypnotherapy. My evidence isn’t based in any other science than what I’ve found works for me. So as long as Glenn’s happy to be my stand-by guy, I think our relationship will last for some time to come.

I bought the CD so long ago I can’t even remember which one it is – it’s just labelled ‘sleep hypnotherapy’ on my ancient MP3 player. But if you hop over to Glenn’s website there are various titles and formats (CDs/apps/MP3s) to choose from – not just targeting insomnia, but various other issues that might also be causing you to lose sleep.

If you try it and it works for you, let me know!

Thanks for reading.

N.B – as I explain here, I’m not medically trained and the above isn’t intended as advice  – I’m just writing about my experiences and what works for me. If you feel that hypnotherapy might work for you, you should be aware of certain health conditions that could make it unsafe – these are detailed on the NHS website.


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