Desert island dozing

I woke up at 1.52 this morning (I don’t know about you, but I always remember the exact time). I should have listened to what The Sleep Council said about eating curry (see previous post). There are things I can imagine being able to give up. The odd takeaway curry when neither of us can be arsed to cook isn’t one of them.

I’ve listened to Desert Island Discs before to help me drift off and it’s worked, so I thought I’d give it another go.

Scrolling through the last few episodes I spotted Caitlin Moran among the recent guests. I love Caitlin Moran – she’s the writer I’d want to be in an alternative universe where I possessed self-confidence, an inkling of style and didn’t require my  nearest and dearest to help me edit my musical tastes to some level of social acceptability.

Turns out listening to someone you really admire talk about their amazing life and world view, interspersed with some incredibly uplifting music and witty anecdotes, isn’t the best way to fall asleep. I think the thing with this one is to choose someone who you’ve (a) never heard of or (b) heard of, but have absolutely no interest in.

I eventually fell back to sleep about 3.30a.m. I think I’ll try the David Beckham episode next time.

Want to see which highly accomplished individual can help you drift off? Check out the archive of Desert Island Discs podcasts and let me know which ones work for you…

Thanks for reading.


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