The Sleep Council

It’s good to see that an organisation dedicated to helping the nation get a good night’s sleep has chosen such a boring name – nothing too exciting to stop us dropping off, eh? I’m sure I’ve heard of them before, but I’d never actually checked them out until today – see Although they are “the consumer education arm of the National Bed Federation, the trade association for British bed manufacturers” there’s not too much of a hard sell on buying yourself an expensive new bed.
There are all the usual tips, some of which I try to take on board: Make sure your bedroom is dark before you try to sleep. Well, yes. Others I ignore, because my boss doesn’t let me drink wine at my desk, so I kinda have to wait till I’m home of an evening.

But alongside the stuff we’ve all read a million times before, there’s some interesting reading; I’ve never explored the link between certain foods and sleep, for example. As a veggie I won’t be rushing to have a chicken dinner before bed, but I wouldn’t object to more cherries in my diet if it’s going to help me sleep.

I’m certainly guilty of spending seemingly endless hours lying awake in bed, when I really should follow their advice to give myself a maximum 20 minutes to get back off, before going into a different room to exhibit my insomniac behaviour, so as not to contaminate my sleeping space.

There are some helpful looking resources too, including a sleep diary that I think I’ll download. Not sure how you’re supposed to listen to the ‘nodcasts’ though, given their advice to banish any electronic devices from the bedroom. Hmm. Don’t think they’ve thought that one through.

But isn’t it great that there’s an organisation out there, willing us all to sleep better?

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